Rob's 1965 Corvette Project
Last updated 11/2/07.
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Getting close...
- 1965 Coupe
- Nassau Blue
- Blue Interior
- 396 / 425hp
- Trans. Ignition
- Knock offs
- Gold Line Tires
- Pwr. Windows
- Tele Wheel
- 3:55 posi
- Tinted Glass
This is an original 396 Corvette. Some 2000 of these first big block cars where made in 1965. About 750 were coupes. My project was to restore it to NCRS standards.

I bought the car in August of 1999 as an abandoned project that was 30% complete. She arrived at my house is several hundred pieces. My family thought I was nuts! I then proceeded to take it apart even further.

Spring 2003: I delivered the body to the paint shop in December 2001 and the paint work was finally complete in April 2002. The body in now back on the chassis (Note: The body was removed from the chassis in the mid 80s). They are excited to be together again after some 20 years.

Fall 2005: Just moved to Texas, so the project was on hold for several months. The seats are now done and other soft interior stuff is on order.

Winter 2006: The interior is done except for the headliner and the front bumpers are on. Making the final push to complete the car before spring. Several test drives have generated excitement about have a complete car. Can't wait to get a few miles on it ...

February 2007: After 7 1/2 years, the car is DONE! Well, as done as these things ever get. Drives nice, a little quiet. Maybe needs the off-road mufflers...

November 2007: The car has been awarded Top Flight at two NCRS judging events - a Chapter meet in Houston and a Regional event in Waco.

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